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Helping Attorneys and Other Busy Professionals Live Their Best Lives

Winiecki Wealth Management partners with attorneys and other busy professionals to help them better understand and make better decisions regarding their complex financial lives. Strategies focus on reducing lifetime taxes, successful career transitions, funding education, charitable giving, planning retirement, helping family, and other planning issues. 

Being a fiduciary advisory firm, WWM always makes investment and planning recommendations in the best interests of our clients. Our clients only pay us based on the investments WWM manages and never accept commissions.


Complex Tax Issues

WWM clients often have significant tax burdens. WWM reviews tax returns annually and uses planning techniques to plan for and reduce lifetime tax bills. Pension benefits, capital gains taxes, Social Security benefits, Medicare premiums, and other tax-dependent costs are recognized and incorporated into the long-term tax reduction plan.

Companies and Nonprofits

WWM is a fiduciary advisor to Retirement Plan Sponsors. Although no longer practicing, Kurt's legal background allows WWM to uncover fiduciary risks that flow not only to the Plan Sponsor, but also to the individual Plan Trustee(s) personally. 

401(k) Plan Sponsor clients include law practices, architect firms, physician practices and other professional companies. 

WWM also works with 403(b) Nonprofit Plan Sponsors as well. 

Kurt has had numerous articles published about retirement plan rules and liabilities in the following journals: Click to read. 

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