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Kurt Winiecki
Founder & CEO

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Felicia Winiecki

VP Business Development & Philanthropy

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Kurt found tax accounting and law, his first two careers, unfulfilling. He enjoyed solving complex problems, but those jobs lacked personal contact and a sense that he was helping change peoples’ lives on a personal level. He now brings his unique background to his clients by ensuring their investments and behavior align with their financial and personal goals.

Kurt's background includes experience in statistics and investment theory, retirement and business planning, accounting and tax issues, legal and estate issues, and insurance solutions. Kurt's prior careers (two years as a tax accountant and ten years practicing law) help him address complicated and unique client issues. He is a problem-solver who enjoys complex situations. Kurt is a non-practicing attorney, a former CPA, and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®).

Kurt is a marathoner (he finished Chicago in 2021 after a long drought since Boston in 2003), woodworker, music lover, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiast.

Felicia's passion for helping others has resulted in decades of experience in corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit leadership roles. As such, she has helped underserved and overcharged retirement 401(k) and 403(b) plan sponsors upgrade their service providers and investments while reducing costs and their fiduciary risks.

Felicia has been involved with numerous nonprofits since moving to Chicago from Memphis after college. She has served as the Executive Director of a nonprofit in Chicago and uses that experience to expand and help her network. Her passion for helping makes her a valuable connector and networker, especially in the philanthropic world.

Felicia saw Elvis (yes, that Elvis) in concert when she was a child; she loves country music, beaches, football, and (now that their daughter is attending) the University of Illinois.

WWM is not on its own island. Years ago, WWM and two other independent advisory firms, Ventoux Financial Advisors and Blue Sky Investment Partners formed Triad Advisor Group (TAG). TAG members regularly discuss best practices, complex client situations, investment strategies, and anything else that helps its members serve clients better. Sharing TAG’s decades of planning experiences has been a valuable resource for WWM and its clients.

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Clients' Professionals

WWM relies heavily on our clients' accountants, estate planners, attorneys, insurance agents, and other professional relationships in creating strategies. Understanding these professionals and their ideas is essential when coordinating different goals. 
Most importantly, Kurt's experience as a former tax accountant, a former attorney, and having been licensed to sell insurance gives him the unique expertise to consult with our clients' other professionals to oversee and manage the best outcome.


Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

WWM uses Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as its custodian for most clients. The Schwab name is synonymous with investor-focused investing and stellar support. Thousands of independent Registered Investment Advisors use Schwab’s platform to help their clients.

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