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Our planning process begins with a get-to-know meeting where you start to share what you value and how you want your money to help you get where you want to go. The next step is to gather the information needed to forecast how your financial future looks. WWM may speak to your other trusted advisors to clarify your tax, insurance, investment, and estate planning picture. Finally, WWM will prepare a financial plan with specific recommendations that align with your goals and feelings about your wealth. Because plan assumptions, assets, and (often) your goals will change, monitoring those changes and regularly modifying the plan is essential.

Six Areas of
Financial Planning

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Six areas comprise a comprehensive financial plan. We illustrate those areas as a pyramid to show how one area builds upon another. Since the action in one area affects all the others, a complete financial plan should address all six areas. 

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Financial Position

Living a life in furtherance of one's goals and values starts with a snapshot of financial position. Understanding how assets, liabilities, and cash flow affect lifestyle, taxes, and asset growth is the first step in building strategies that best align with clients' lifestyles and aspirations.

Risk Management

Risks to wealth and life plans should not keep clients up at night. In addition to adequately assessing investment risks, most clients have changing life, health, home, auto, and personal liability insurance coverage needs. WWM also helps address the risks to life and legacy goals, balancing the need to care for our future selves with enjoying life now without worry.

Wealth Accumulation

WWM takes an evidence-based approach to investing that allows our clients to determine the investment balance that best fits their short and long-term needs. We design our investment strategies to diversify risks while seeking opportunities worldwide. 

Tax Planning Strategies

Taxes are a significant expense for WWM clients. Reducing a lifetime tax bill takes communication, sophisticated software, and long-term planning. Coordinating Roth conversions, asset location, rebalancing, RMDs, and gifting can result in huge lifetime tax savings.

Retirement Planning

It is our role at WWM to fully understand our client’s values, goals, and situations. The WWM Wealth Blueprint walks clients through a step-by-step process to coordinate and address the essential aspects of your financial life, like taxes, legacy, charity, cash flow, retirement income, and your bucket list. The plan is flexible, and changes as your life and situation inevitably change.

Estate Planning

WWM works with clients and their estate planners to complete the tasks that make an estate plan work. Clients often have little time to review changing account titles, retirement account beneficiaries, powers of attorney, and other items that complete the estate plan. Buttoning up an estate plan makes the difference between a clean, easy distribution of assets according to client wishes and an emotional disaster in an already difficult time.

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